UX/UI Design


Mima Ice Cream is a dessert store in Barcelona. Their best seller is an ice cream + macaroon sandwich. Our goal was to develop an interactive digital shopper experience.


We followed a specific methodology to develop the best shopper experience for Mima. It consisted of 06 steps, from customer´s insights up to prototyping.


The first step was to understand Mima´s customers and their behavior. Therefore, we conducted in-field observation, visiting Mima´s stores at Boqueria and Poble Sec.


The second step was to conduct a benchmarking study of both direct and indirect competition.  In my case, I researched Mima’s biggest competitor: Jenis ( which offer a differentiated business model and an engaging communication.

3.0 interviews and survey

The third step was to further understand customer habits, especially when it came to online food ordering. Thus, we carried out customers interviews.

People interviewed:

– Man, 34, single, doesn’t like to buy food online, but if he does, he will buy directly from the official site of the restaurant.
– Woman, 33, single, prefers to cook at home or eat at a restaurant.
– Woman, 25, single, orders food online at least once a month.
– Man, 30, single, has never used an app to order food.



The fourth step was to analyze and segment the customer´s profile, according to the interviews. Then, we created three personas that best summarized the customer´s habits: Carlos, Jordi, and Emilia. We kept their profile in mind their in order to design our final solution.


Based on all the insights gathered on the previous steps, we started designing! Everyone was responsible for sketching several wireframes.

Having in mind the following features:

– Personalization – The user could choose the color of the macaron, the flavor of ice cream, and the toppings.
– Recommendations – In each pack, there could be suggestions of similar macarons.
– Schedule a delivery – The user could schedule his/her order to arrive at an exact time.
– Geolocation – The user could track the delivery in real time.
– Save favorites + shopping history – The user could save their favorites and also see their purchase history to speed up their next purchase.

5.0 UI & Interaction

Finally, we created the final design and digital shopper experience for the mobile and the desktop version. Our main goal was to ensure an interesting and dynamic experience for Mima´s customers, solving the gaps identified in the previous journey.

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