Kave Home

UX/UI Design

Kave Home

Kave Home is a Spanish furniture online shop with more than 5,000 own products.


Kave Home asked us to recreate their website with the new brand and improve their user flows. Previously to starting work with them, Kave had already gathered some insights from analytics research and interviews that they had done. Using that information, I created wireframes based on their content and improved the experience of their e-commerce.

My role

– Create Hi-Fi Wireframes & InVision prototypes for desktop and mobile, based on the insights gathered after interviews/investigation.
– Interface Design
– Interaction Design


Role: UX/UI Designer
with Firma
Year: 2017


Some of the changes I did were:

* Cart on sidebar – gives security to the user that he didn’t leave the page he was looking at before.
* Checkout with a navigation bar showing the steps for finish the purchase
* Dropdown menu with new structure and good hierarchy levels
* Checkout process with no menu or footer options – letting the process be as easy as possible
* Fix top bar on Products Detail Page with a CTA to purchase
* Easy selector for colors and sizes
* Easy filter and search

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