UX/UI Design


HelloSky is an exclusive airport service offered to customers inside the Rome airport.


Create an interactive and easy to use booking website very well integrated with pre-existing framework.  The website targeted customers willing for exclusive services in Rome ´s airport such as lounge, meeting rooms or shower, for example.

My role

I was responsible for the creation of wireframes focused on the booking process. Based on the identity design created by another designer, I was responsible for the visual of key elements and the design of the whole booking journey.

Personally speaking, this project was very interesting and challenging. It had a very complex navigation and user journey which required me to think carefully about every step to avoid doubts or losing customers.

Below you can check the wireframe process and some options I presented to the client.


Client: HelloSky
Role: UI/UX Designer
with Firma Agency
Year: 2018


The visual was created following the brand guidelines. Below I selected some screens of the design and some interactions.


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