Bus Sales – Mercedes-Benz

UX/UI Design

Bus Sales – Mercedes-Benz

Bus Sales is a digital sales and marketing tool for Mercedes-Benz professionals. The aim was to enhance the sales process by offering digital and interactive content.


Mercedes-Benz needed to improve the process of selling buses in large amount. They asked us to think how we could make the process easier and more visual and interactive.

The process

The main challenge of this project was that we were dealing with a B2B2C service. Therefore, we needed to understand not only the salesmen but also the people who buy from these salesmen.
With help of Mercedes team, we gathered and analyzed the relevant information that we kept through the development of sitemap and wireframes.


Role: UX/UI Designer
with Nostro Studio
Year: 2017

After the wireframes, we did a user testing with the salesmen and got some insights and some necessary changes.

Design & Interactions

In the creative process, I followed the guideline of the brand and with the main colors: black, gray, blue and white. I had created a classic and elegant design. The app has mobile and tablet versions and it’s a native app for iOS and Android. The program I used was Sketch app for design, Principle for animations and Invision for prototyping.

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