Ballantine’s Lab

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Ballantine’s Lab

A different labyrinth. Instead of being lost, people found themselves.


Ballantine’s has in its DNA the concept of “provoking people to find their truths and stay true to themselves.” This concept led to the creation of Ballantine’s Lab, a sensory labyrinth composed of 32 rooms / interactive experiences. Each participant chose his path door to door and in the end received a reward according to the revealed character. I worked in the project since the creation of the concept to the implementation of the event.

My role

I participated in the c​reation of the idea, from the first brainstorms until the completion of the entire visual identity and realization of the project.
In partnership with an events company, we thought of all the details of each room to provide real experiences to visitors.


Client: Ballantine’s
Art Director: elô rosendo & ale parme
Copywriter: ovidio ferreira
Video: dio bastoge
Edition/Motion: guilherme pilz & andre fridman
Creative Director: marcelo raimondi
with M&C Saatchi Brazil
Year: 2015


The event lasted five days, which were divided in two consecutive weekends, with an exclusive day for influent guests. Access to Ballantine ‘s Lab was free, requiring prior registration (FB Connect) through the website.

What is it?

A labyrinth. A laboratory. More than that, a unique and exclusive experience where consumers of Ballantine ‘s tried sensations and discovered inspiring life stories.

How it Works

The space was divided like a labyrinth with corridors and sensorial experience environments. In each corner and every door, the visitors’ choices customized their experience.

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